Bar crossing web cameras upgraded for safer boating

15 August 2013

Boaters now have better access to web cameras which provide real time footage of conditions on a selection of the State’s coastal bars.

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Acting Director Maritime Michael Wright said RMS introduced coastal bar crossing safety cameras in 2008 to help skippers decide whether conditions are appropriate for a boat trip.

“Boaters who log on to the RMS website now have access to a more user friendly presentation of these live images with an upgraded system and presentation of vision from 14 coastal bars,” Mr Wright said.

“The footage is also now compatible with iPhones.

“There are 47 coastal bars in NSW. Coastal bars are the point where rivers, creeks, lakes or harbours meet the sea and are often described as “black spots” on our waterways.

“Crossing a coastal bar requires local knowledge and experience as well as preparation and planning.

“Even in apparently calm conditions vessels can capsize, be damaged or wrecked on bars and lives have been lost. Skippers are advised to avoid crossing a bar when the tide is changing as this is when dangerous waves are most likely to occur.

“All people in a recreational vessel must wear an appropriate lifejacket when crossing coastal bars,” Mr Wright said.

For more information on bar crossing safety or to view coastal bar crossing footage, go to

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