Travel monitoring by bluetooth

9 September 2013

Travel monitoring by bluetooth

Roads and Maritime Services is carrying out a limited trial in Sydney which analyses bluetooth signals moving through the road network.

This data is collected from mobile phones, GPS units  and other bluetooth devices.

Equipment on 16 sets of traffic lights around Eveleigh and Zetland collect a random sample of bluetooth 'media access control’ (MAC) addresses as part of the Roads and Maritime trial.

The equipment under trial receives the bluetooth MAC address but no other identifying personal information is captured.

Unlike other technology used to count traffic volumes, bluetooth analysis allows Roads and Maritime to measure travel times and provide detailed information on traffic movements.

Bluetooth MAC addresses are anonymous data and below is an example of the Bluetooth data being captured.

Bluetooth MAC address examples

MAC address Date Time
D0667B343ADE 25/07/2013 1:14:03 AM
00083D174D18 25/07/2013 1:14:10 AM
00189A22C569 25/07/2013 1:14:21 AM
D0667B35BD2D 25/07/2013 1:14:40 AM
D0667B35BD31 25/07/2013 1:14:40 AM

The bluetooth MAC numbers are about the electronic devices themselves and Roads and Maritime does not capture or know of any relationship between MAC numbers and individual users of each device.

CONTACT:     Roads and Maritime Services Media Unit   8588 5999

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