NSW Road Rules amended

NSW Road Rules amended to recognise interstate emergency services workers and vehicles

Roads and Maritime Services has amended the NSW Road Rules to recognise interstate emergency workers and vehicles.

The change aims to improve cross border operations for emergency services responding to incidents in NSW.

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said the definition of emergency workers had been amended in the NSW Road Rules to cover emergency services workers from any Commonwealth or State operating in NSW.

“The current definition of ‘emergency worker’ is being amended to ensure emergency services workers and vehicles of the Commonwealth (including Airservices Australia) and other states and territories operating in NSW are treated consistently with NSW emergency services workers and vehicles,” the spokesperson said.

“This change aims to bring NSW into line with other jurisdictions to recognise workers, such as, those in the Queensland Ambulance Service, who travel close to the borders of NSW and operate within the state to provide emergency services in response to critical incidents.

“This initiative is another move by the NSW Government to ensure our emergency services workers, who place themselves at risk to protect the lives and property of others, are properly covered,” the spokesperson said.

For more information visit www.rms.nsw.gov.au

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