Start of work to protect Cockle Creek bridges from corrosion

15 April 2015

Start of work to protect Cockle Creek bridges from corrosion

Roads and Maritime Services will install a cathodic protection system to prevent corrosion on the two Cockle Creek Bridges on Five Islands Road at Speers Point.

A Roads and Maritime spokesperson said cathodic protection is used on large steel reinforced concrete structures including buildings and bridges to extend the life of the structure and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

“Connecting the reinforcing steel of the bridge to a more easily corroded metal helps protect the critical parts of the structure,” the spokesperson said.

“The cathodic protection system was successfully trialled on the bridge last year.

“This system will now be installed on the supports of the original southbound north arm and south arm Cockle Creek bridges.

“Roads and Maritime will carry out the first stage of work on the north arm Cockle Creek Bridge and then continue on the south arm bridge next year.

“The first stage of work is scheduled to start on Tuesday 21 April and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.”

Work will be carried out on weekdays between 6am and 4pm.

Most of the work will be carried out from a barge in Cockle Creek with only minor traffic impacts expected during certain stages of the work.

The community will be notified in advance of lane closures needed during these stages of the work which include concreting some bridge supports.

Signs and marker buoys will be in place around the work area and there will be no impact to boaters.

The Roads and Maritime spokesperson said the work will significantly reduce future maintenance costs and future traffic interruptions for bridge maintenance activities.

CONTACT: Roads and Maritime Services Media Unit: 8588 5999

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