Changed boating conditions on Sydney Harbour for the SOLAS Big Boat Challenge tomorrow

14 December 2015

Boaters are reminded to keep clear of vessels competing in the SOLAS Big Boat Challenge on Sydney Harbour tomorrow.

Racing will start from 12:30pm at Steele Point and take the fleet between North Head and Fort Denison, finishing in Farm Cove near the Opera House.

Vessel operators are asked to keep clear of the start at Steele Point.

All vessels must take extra care navigating and keep clear of competing yachts which are expected to reach speeds in excess of 20 knots under normal harbour traffic conditions.

Vessels not involved in the event are encouraged to find a central location to watch the race and be mindful of their speed and wash.

The area will be monitored by control vessels. All vessel operators must follow any directions given by a boating safety officer in the area.

A map with the race course and prime spectator areas marked is available at

Roads and Maritime reminds people to wear a lifejacket when boating, especially in vessels smaller than 4.8 metres when alone, at night or offshore.

For maritime safety information visit

Roads and Maritime Services Media Unit 8588 5999 or

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