Major maintenance work completed on Cockle Creek Bridge at Speers Point

20 JANUARY 2017

Roads and Maritime Services has completed major maintenance work on the Cockle Creek Bridges on Five Islands Road at Speers Point.

A Roads and Maritime spokesperson said the NSW Government provided $660,000 to fund essential maitnenance work on both the northbound and southbound bridges to reduce ongoing maintenance costs and prolong the life of the bridge.

“The project included installing a cathodic protection system to prevent corrosion on the bridges.

“Cathodic protection is used on large steel reinforced concrete structures including buildings and bridges to significantly reduce the effect of salt water, extend the life of the structure and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.”

Roads and Maritime started the project in April 2015 on the north arm of the bridge and completed work on Monday 23 January this year on the south arm of the bridge.

Roads and Maritime employed a variety of low impact methods of work to reduce the impact to traffic. This included carrying out most of the work from a barge in Cockle Creek.

“This work will significantly reduce future maintenance costs and future traffic interruptions for bridge maintenance activities,” the spokesperson said.

Roads and Maritime thanks the community for its patience while this essential maintenance work was carried out.


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