Design improvements to Euston Road upgrade announced

28 July 2017

Design improvements will soon be made to the Euston Road upgrade to benefit the community without impacting future traffic capacity in the area.

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said the agency was able to develop an improved solution with nearly four metres of land between the apartments and the nearest traffic lanes upon completion of the upgrade.

“The improvements are being accomplished by reducing the number of lanes on the Euston Road upgrade from seven to six by removing the dedicated bus-turning lane from the project,” the spokesperson said.

“It is good news for all as the change will not reduce public transport options or reduce connectivity in the area as the bus will be rerouted around the block, with only minor changes to the schedule and an overall increase to the current routes’ catchment areas.

“These improvements demonstrate the NSW Government commitment to build congestion busting infrastructure in Sydney, while balancing the concerns of the community.”

“Without WestConnex and the New M5 local road upgrades, roads in St Peters would be unable to cope with future traffic demands due to population growth and urban development.

“By 2031, without the New M5 tunnels, motorists would experience average speeds of less than 20 km/h through St Peters.

“The St Peters Interchange, along with new open space and local road upgrades, will provide significant opportunity for urban renewal and residential development in Sydney’s inner west to cater for ongoing population growth.

“The Euston Road widening is being carried out within the longstanding road reservation which has been in place for nearly 30 years.

“Work on the Euston Road upgrade is progressing with work under way.”

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