Every journey matters on the road to success

30 August 2017

Authenticity has been one of the key drivers of success for Renae Elrington.

Since she started work at Roads and Maritime Services, Renae has risen through the ranks and become a recognisable face of the agency in the Illawarra and South Coast.

Renae has been the Director of Southern Region, which includes 2,361 kilometres of state roads, since February 2014 and is one of the most senior women within the agency.

“I started at Roads and Maritime on a three month temporary contract in what was considered to be an ‘undesirable job’ in a male dominated industry,” she explains.

“Now, women are increasingly breaking down the barriers and leading the change in typically non-traditional roles and it’s great to be part of it at one of the state’s leading agencies.

“In the Southern Region for example, there is a group dedicated to ensuring women have the chance to pursue a career in engineering and science and make their mark.

“Roads and Maritime recognises the fact people with different skills and experience and from diverse backgrounds can and do make a significant contribution if given the opportunity.”

Renae has worked in safety, communications, project development, infrastructure delivery and on key projects such as the Hume and Princes highway upgrades.

“In my role as Southern Director, it’s been my ongoing mission to raise the region’s profile within Roads and Maritime, the NSW Government and stakeholders.

“A key part of this is a focus on the Illawarra and South Coast, leading the Southern team to plan and deliver to the region’s transport needs to keep motorists, freight and tourists moving.

“I frequently remind the team we have the best beaches in NSW and the region is the gateway to providing the ultimate experience for those who use the road network when they visit.”

Another one of her passions is living a healthy lifestyle and although her role is fast-paced, Renae regularly takes a break so she can enjoy the great outdoors.

“Daily exercise such as walking is essential and this combined with mental challenges is a big part of the endurance and persistence required for success.

“I believe career success is linked to one’s values and their authentic self and about ensuring people learn and grow from the many challenges they face on their journey.

“It’s also about taking on the unknown, regardless of gender, as I don’t know anyone who’s reached a senior position without hard work, humour and preparedness for evolution.”

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