Every journey matters on Oxley Highway west of Wauchope

27 NOVEMBER 2017

A review of five years of crash data has resulted in the NSW Government investing in a package of work to improve road user safety on a 44 kilometre section of the Oxley Highway.

A new 80 km/h speed limit will be implemented, signage installed and protection barriers upgraded in response to a high crash rate on the highway west of Wauchope.

“Speed has been a major contributor to the number and severity of crashes on the highway between Long Flat and Walcha,” a Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said.

“As a result of the review in collaboration with the Centre for Road Safety, the speed limit will be lowered from 100 km/h to 80 km/h for what is the most mountainous section.

"The aim of the changes is to keep cars on the road and create a safer environment for motorcyclists.”

The spokesperson said the reduction across the 44-kilometre stretch of the Oxley Highway will only add a few minutes at most to travel times between Wauchope and Walcha.

“A few extra minutes can save lives.

“In the five years to 2016 there were 67 crashes on this section of highway, five of which were fatal, with another 23 people seriously injured.

“Speed monitoring on this section of highway found most cars were already traveling at 80 km/h or below.

“All road users share a responsibility to ensure safer journeys for the thousands of motorists who use the Oxley Highway between Long Flat and Walcha every year.

“Improvements are expected to begin in coming months and the community will be kept informed.”

More information on the speed zone review can be found on the Roads and Maritime website at: Oxley Highway Speed Zone Review.




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