Brick barrel drain to remain in Thompson Square

21 February 2018

After months of extensive investigation work as part the Windsor Bridge replacement project, Roads and Maritime Services is pleased to announce the brick barrel drain will stay in place in Thompson Square.

A spokesperson said this is excellent news for the Windsor community and particularly residents with an interest in the history of Thompson Square.

“Roads and Maritime engaged professional archaeologists to carefully excavate the north eastern section of Thompson Square to record and document any heritage artefacts found within the area,” the spokesperson said.

“During the excavation exercise, archaeological crews discovered a brick barrel drain dating back to 1814 in a hand-dug test pit.

“Heritage investigations continued and crews recently located the end of the brick barrel drain near the river.

“Although most of the brick drain has been found intact, the end was found to be eroded and partially washed away.”

The spokesperson said Roads and Maritime has developed a design to protect and preserve the brick drain in place, opting to design the project around the heritage find.

“The NSW Government has listened to the concerns of the community and will not be removing the brick barrel drain,” the spokesperson said.

“The new bridge will provide a safe and reliable crossing across the Hawkesbury River at Windsor and change the way the Hawkesbury community and visitors to the region travel through the historic town.

“Further archaeological studies are under way to record the finds and preserve the historical significance of the site.

“Work has also started on noise mitigation for five buildings facing Thompson Square which will minimise noise for buildings on the eastern side of the Square after the new bridge opens.”

Noise levels for the parklands will be reduced when the road currently dividing the square is moved east and the steep road from the river is removed.

The community and stakeholders will be kept informed as the project progresses.

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