Trial of smart technology to manage speed limit changes on M7 Motorway

15 June 2018

A trial of smart technology to manage speed limit changes at a known bottle neck along the WestLink M7 Motorway could potentially see smarter and more reliable journeys for motorists.

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said a real time speed management system will ensure a more responsive road network which caters to the needs of motorists and varied road conditions.

“The M7 Motorway experiences regular morning eastbound congestion at the M2 Motorway interchange near the Abbott Road merge,” the spokesperson said.

“This congestion often extends for around five kilometres and impacts on motorists’ trip reliability and is currently managed through operator speed reductions.

“In a first for the M7, a trial will employ a speed reduction speed based on real time traffic flow recorded from the M7 traffic loops and Intelligent Transport Systems.

“This trial is similar to the successful VicRoads speed control test on the M80 in Melbourne, which is now being rolled out permanently.

“Once the trial beings it is hoped the system will help to keep motorists moving during the peak period and improve safety.”

The trial will start on Tuesday 26 June and last for around three months.

During the trial, variable message signs and variable speed limit signs will be used to alert motorists to the changed speed limit from 100 km/h to 80 km/h.

The effectiveness of the trial in improving traffic conditions will be actively monitored in real time by the Westlink M7 Traffic Control Room.

Road users are reminded to observe signs and adhere to the speed limit in place as variable speed sign limits are enforceable.

Motorists are also encouraged to plan their journey and keep up to date on the latest conditions via the LiveTraffic website, LiveTraffic NSW App or by calling 132 701.

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