Improving safety with extended school zone at Bexley North

19 September 2018

Safety for pedestrians and road users around Bexley North Public School will be boosted next month with extended school zones on Barnsbury Grove, Kingsland Road North and Churchill Street.

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said that as part of the NSW Government’s School Zones program, the extended 40 km/h speed limit will help ensure pedestrians, including children and the elderly, are able to move around safely in the local area.

“Safety is the number one priority for Roads and Maritime with the extension to the school zone speed limit to 40 km/h. This will increase student, driver and pedestrian safety as well as create a more consistent road network,” the spokesperson said.

“The school zone will be extended on Kingsland Road North, from the existing school zone to around 50 meters north of the intersection with Barnsbury Grove.

“The school zone will also include a stretch of Barnsbury Grove, from about 50 meters west of Kingsland Road North, around to the existing school zone near Churchill St, and also on Churchill St approximately 50 meters east of Barnsbury Grove.

“The new 40 km/h school zone speed limit will be in effect from Monday, 15 October and motorists are reminded to look out for the new signs surrounding Bexley North Public School.”

Motorists are reminded the 40km/h school zone speed limit is legally enforceable.

Work to install the new signs and road marking will be carried out from Tuesday 2 October to Friday 5 October between 8am and 3pm, weather permitting.

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