Traffic flow improved at busy Terrey Hills intersection

3 October 2018

With the concrete laid and shovels put away, motorists can now enjoy a smoother and safer journey through the intersections of Mona Vale Road and Forest Way as well as Garigal Road and Forest Way at Terrey Hills with work now complete.

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said the NSW Government has delivered these improvements as part of its program to reduce congestion and improve travel times on Sydney’s busiest road corridors.

“Crews started improvement work at these intersections in September last year to widen medians, build traffic islands, install zebra crossings and a cycle lane,” the spokesperson said.

“With more than 52,000 vehicles travelling through the intersection of Mona Vale Road and Forest Way each day, it was important work was carried out at intersections along this busy stretch of road.

“Work was carried out to build a third westbound through lane on Mona Vale Road and a third northbound through lane on Forest Way to ease congestion and reduce queue lengths for motorists.

“Crews also worked hard to provide a dedicated left turn lane from Forest Way onto Mona Vale Road and a northbound slip lane from Forest Way onto Garigal Road to create more capacity for motorists and provide improved access to the Auslink Business Park.

“A new zebra crossing was also installed on the southern side of Garigal Road to improve safety for pedestrians.”

The spokesperson said during the 12 month project, more than 3500 tonnes of asphalt was used and around 800 cubic metres of concrete poured to deliver the improvements.

“Crews worked more than 48,000 hours to complete these upgrades which will now provide motorists, pedestrians and cyclists with safer and more reliable journeys through these busy intersections,” the spokesperson said.

“The community, motorists and cyclists are thanked for their patience while work was carried out.”

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