Regulatory change in NSW to support ACCC Takata airbag recall

15 February 2019

NSW vehicle owners who have not had Takata airbags replaced risk vehicle registration suspension under a new amendment taking effect today.

The NSW Government supports the nationwide compulsory Takata Airbag recall and, for safety reasons, has made an amendment to the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017, meaning those who have not had faulty Takata airbags replaced could risk suspension of their vehicle’s registration.

Drivers should check if their vehicle is affected by visiting and take immediate action if their vehicle is subject to an airbag recall.

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said number one priority is safety and the new amendment is in place to encourage everyone subject to a recall to act now.

“The safety of all motorists, passengers and pedestrians is the number one priority for Roads and Maritime Services,” the spokesperson said.

“Faulty Takata airbags are subject to a nationwide compulsory recall. Replacement is free and can be arranged by contacting the vehicle manufacturer.

“Extensive efforts have been made by vehicle manufacturers and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and this is the next step to ensure anyone with a faulty airbag gets it replaced.”

“About 1,600 vehicles in NSW have not had their faulty Alpha Takata airbags replaced, posing a critical safety risk to both the driver, any passengers in the vehicle and others on the road network.”

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said faulty Takata airbags have caused serious injury and death in a number of incidents across the world with Alpha airbags posing the highest safety risk.

“Airbags are an essential safety component of a vehicle, like seatbelts. If an airbag deploys it is because the crash is serious enough to cause major injuries or death. Airbags need to work and be safe to use.”

“Roads and Maritime is continuing to work with manufacturers and the ACCC to get all faulty Takata airbags off NSW roads.”

If a vehicle registration is suspended, it is against the law for the vehicle to be driven or for another person to drive the vehicle, meaning:

  • the vehicle’s registration cannot be renewed until the airbag is replaced
  • the vehicle cannot be sold
  • the vehicle cannot be transferred to another owner.
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