Conditions of Entry

Take note - conditions of entry to the event.

  1. Access to the Cahill Expressway on New Year's Eve (the Event) is organised by Roads and Maritime Services (the Promotor). Access to the Event is strictly limited to valid ticket holders only and is subject to these Conditions of Entry which are subject to change.
  2. Ticket holders must present their tickets to staff for scanning to enter the Event.
  3. Every person requires a ticket, including children in strollers (each stroller / pram requires one ticket). Babies under 12 months who are carried in a body-worn baby carrier do not require a ticket.
  4. Entry to the Event will be from 6.30pm to 8.50pm for the 9pm fireworks display and from 9.45pm to 11.50pm for the midnight fireworks display on Monday 31 December 2018. There will be no pass outs. Queuing is from 9.00am for both sessions.
  5. The Promoter will not re-issue lost or stolen tickets to the Event.
  6. The tickets to the Event are in portable digital format (PDF) (E-Ticket). Each E-Ticket has its own unique barcode that must be scanned for entry to the Event. Ticket holders must print their ticket/s and bring the printed copy to the Event. If a duplicate E-ticket arises from having been forwarded, re-printed or provided unlawfully to another individual, then the first E-ticket presented will be the one accepted for entry to the Event. Any duplicates will not be accepted and the Promoter accepts no responsibility for any inconvenience caused. The Promoter is not responsible for any technical failure that may prevent a ticket from being scanned.
  7. Ticket holders are subject to security screening, including identity verification, metal detection wand search, and bag search prior to entry into, and inside, the controlled area of the Event. The Event area is a designated family area. The Event is strictly NO smoking and NO alcohol.
  8. For safety reasons, the following items are NOT permitted at the Event: glass, cans and metal containers; alcohol and illicit drugs; any liquids - empty plastic bottles can be refilled with water for free inside the event; bags/backpacks larger than A3 in size - excludes prams etc; hard shell eskies, picnic baskets or cooking appliances; chairs over 15cm; umbrellas; furniture – Including tents, gazebos and inflatables; drones, professional cameras, professional recording equipment, tripods and selfie sticks; sporting equipment – including balls, bicycles, skateboards etc; musical instruments; fireworks or explosives; weapons of any kind – including knives and metal utensils; animals - excluding authorised companion animals; clothing, banners or flags that may be deemed to contain offensive or inappropriate material; any items deemed to present a safety risk by security. Ticket holders breaching these conditions will have the prohibited items removed and they may not be returned.
  9. Ticket holders must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and must act responsibly and follow requests made by Police, event organisers, security staff, event staff and event volunteers. Ticket holders breaching these requirements or participating in anti-social behaviour may be refused entry or required to leave the Event area. The Event is smoke free apart from designated smoking areas.
  10. Ticket holders breaching clauses 7, 8 and 9 may be refused entry or required to leave the event area.
  11. Ticket holders must not impair the view of other patrons at the Event by standing on chairs or milk crates.
  12. Food stalls and toilets, including wheelchair accessible toilets, will be available. There will also be waste disposal facilities. Security and first aid assistance will be on hand. No storage or cloakroom facilities will be available.
  13. Ticket holders must make their own way to the event. No parking is available. Entry and exit to the Event is from the corner of Conservatorium Road and Macquarie Street only. Please join the queue in the grass area on Macquarie Street for entry. There will be no access from Cumberland Street steps, Macquarie Street steps, the Royal Botanic Gardens walkway or the Circular Quay elevators. Individuals with mobility impairments will be able to access the site from the main entrance. People with limited mobility who would like assistance to access the Event site can call 0459 958 213 or email
  14. Ticket holders are required to leave the Event area promptly after the conclusion of the fireworks display to allow cleaning to take place.
  15. The Promoter cannot guarantee the fireworks display will occur. The Promoter will have no liability to ticket holders if the fireworks are cancelled or if access to the Event is not available due to inclement weather, safety or other reasons.
  16. The Event tickets cannot be exchanged or redeemed with the Promoter. The tickets are personal and not transferable and cannot be copied or sold. The Promoter reserves the right to cancel tickets and refuse entry to the Event.
  17. The Promoter discloses that the Event area will be crowded and each ticket holder enters the Event at their own risk and to the fullest extent permitted by law releases the Promoter from all liability in respect of all injury, damage and loss that the ticket holder may suffer in connection with the Event.
  18. The Promoter may film and/or take photographs of ticket holders at the Event. Ticket holders agree to the Promoter using their image for the purposes of marketing and promoting the Event (including any New Year's Eve Event Competitions in future years).
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