Customer Charter

We place the customer at the centre of everything we do.

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Chief Executive message

I am pleased to be able to share this Customer Charter which is a significant step forward for our organisation. It demonstrates our commitment to putting you, our customer, at the centre of everything we do.

Ken Kanofski
Chief Executive

Customer promises and commitments

We will listen and take action

  • We will use your feedback to continually improve services
  • We will actively manage your matter from start to finish
  • We will be contactable in ways that work for you

We will consult and collaborate

  • We will consult with you regularly on projects and matters that impact you
  • We will include communities in our decision making process
  • We will use your insights to inform our decisions and outcomes

We will make safety our priority

  • We will work to maximise safety on our roads and waterways
  • We will provide a safe environment for the community and our staff
  • We will work to ensure that vehicles and vessels are registered, licensed and operated safely

We will keep you informed

  • We will provide you with information to make safe and efficient travel choices
  • We will minimise disruption to your travel through appropriate diversions and relevant information
  • We will communicate future plans for NSW roads and waterways

Our core services

  • Building and maintaining infrastructure
  • Providing licence and registration services
  • Managing compliance to rules and regulations
  • Providing safety management services
  • Delivering traffic management services
  • Delivering environmental solutions
  • Managing tolling services
  • Regulating users of roads and waterways

View the Customer Charter.

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