Mutual recognition of drivers

Applicant requirements

To apply for mutual recognition of your interstate driver authority in NSW, you must meet the requirements shown in this section.

These requirements apply to people applying for all types of driver authorisation.

You must:

  • Hold a current driver licence issued in your state of origin
  • Hold current equivalent authorisation in your state of origin
  • Provide appropriate documentation as outlined in s19 of the Mutual Recognition Act NSW 1992.

If your application for mutual recognition is approved, the Roads and Maritime Services Enrolment Processing Unit will provide you with an application form for the relevant driver authority.

A mutual recognition application is only valid for six months from the date of lodgement.

Authorisation may be refused if:

  1. You no longer hold a current unrestricted driver licence in your state of origin at the time you lodge your mutual recognition applications
  2. You do not hold a current authorisation to drive public passenger vehicles in your state of origin.

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