Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment Scheme (HVCBA)

Under regulation 59 of the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Regulation 2017 (NSW), Roads and Maritime Services has established the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) Scheme for the purpose of assessing Applicants for the issue, reissue or renewal of a Heavy Vehicle Licence.

What is the HVCBA Scheme?

HVCBA with an accredited provider is the primary method for applicants to obtain a heavy vehicle licence in NSW. A provider is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that has applied to Roads and Maritime to be accredited to conduct assessments of applicants for a heavy vehicle licence, and to issue Certificates of Competence in respect of applicants for a heavy vehicle licence.

HVCBA has been designed to allow for greater flexibility to best suit industry needs. Applicants that undertake HVCBA have the ability to select their own HVCBA provider, learn and be assessed in a vehicle of their choice and arrange their own appointment times.

In some areas outside of the Sydney, Newcastle and Illawarra regions, applicants are also offered the option of undertaking a Roads and Maritime heavy vehicle driving test at a registry or service centre.

Information on scheme requirements and becoming an accredited provider are detailed in the document Becoming a Roads and Maritime Approved RTO/Assessor under the HVCBA Scheme.

Registered Training Organisations (RTO)

View the list of accredited RTOs.

Documents and forms

Applying for high risk variations - clause 4.2(d) requirements

Assessment Standards and Requirements

Becoming a Roads and Maritime-approved RTO/Assessor under the HVCBA Scheme

Changes from 1 July 2019 and other Scheme Questions

Code of Conduct Certification for Driving Instructors, Driving Assessors and Providers Form No. 1727

Criteria 1 - Fact Sheet - Vehicle Check

Criteria 2 - Fact Sheet - Cabin Drill

Criteria 11 - Fact sheet - Reversing

Criteria 12 - Fact sheet - Hill Start-Stop

Criteria 13 - Fact sheet - Load securing

Code of Conduct - Combined Driving Instructors Driving Assessors and Providers

Final competency assessment and competency test for national heavy vehicle licensing

Fit and Proper Policy Driving Instructors and Assessors policy

In-Cabin Cameras - Monitoring Heavy Vehicle Assessments

Record Keeping and Data Management

RTO Self-Assessment and Reporting Requirements

Service Charter

This Service Charter describes Roads and Maritime’s commitment to our HVCBA RTOs and Assessors. It details what they can expect when working with us to deliver Heavy Vehicle Licensing to our NSW customers via the HVCBA Training and Assessment process and the level of service we aim to provide.

Specification: Separation of training and assessment

Using the Heavy Vehicle Competency Online Reporting System (HVCORS)

May 2017

Version 5.0 - 12 June 2017

Annual Self Assessment Reporting Tool

Application form - RTO application to register under HVCBA

Assessment summary - FCA/CT - HVCBA Scheme

Code of Conduct certification form

External User Account Request - Heavy Vehicle Competency Online Reporting System (HVCORS)

High Risk Variation - Clause 4.2(d)

Report of non-compliance - FCA/CT

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