Written-off vehicle assessors

What insurers, car dealers, repairers and vehicle recyclers need to do by law to assess a written-off vehicle.

Vehicle damage must be assessed by a licensed repairer.

Vehicle assessors (including insurers, dealers or vehicle recyclers) must notify the NSW Written-off Light Vehicles Register (WOVLR) within 7 days of assessment as a write-off before it’s sold or disposed of.

If you have 5 or more light vehicles registered for business use and do not have an insurance policy with a third party covering their loss or damage, you are known as a ‘self-insurer’.

If you choose to have your damaged light vehicle assessed, you will be responsible for having it properly assessed and notifying the WOLVR. If you choose to dispose of the vehicle to a motor vehicle recycler, you are also responsible for notifying the WOLVR.

Use these forms to notify the WOVR of a written-off vehicle:

Use these forms to access the WOVR:

If the vehicle owner requests it, the assessor must issue them with a Declaration of Vehicle Damage. It will outline the location and severity of the damage.

A statutory write-off label must be attached in a visible place. This shows the vehicle cannot be re-registered and is suitable only for spare parts or scrap metal

On a dismantled vehicle, attach the label to the part where the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) appears.

Example of a Statutory Write-Off label - yellow background with black explanatory text.

You need to keep all assessment documents for 7 years, whether the vehicle is written off or not.

All written-off vehicles eligible for re-registration must be issued with a Certificate of Compliance by a NSW Fair Trading Licensed Repairer.

Certificates of Compliance declare that repairs have been done according to manufacturer’s repair guidelines. They may recognise industry standards if there are no guidelines.

Use the Certificate of Compliance for the appropriate vehicle:

The Repair and certification procedures explain the process, obligations and requirements of licensed repairers.

Licensed repairers may certify their own repairs of a written-off vehicle but they must meet the requirements for certification outlined in the Procedures.

The Road Transport Act 2013 and its regulations specify licensed repairer duties to issue Certificates of Compliance.

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