NSW Livestock Loading Scheme (NSWLLS) maps

The NSWLLS provides increased mass limits for livestock loads, and includes measures to minimise road pavement wear, protect vulnerable bridges and reduce the incidence of livestock vehicle rollovers.

The livestock maps provide details on the roads and zones approved for:

  • Single Articulated Combinations
  • 19m B-Doubles
  • 23m B-Doubles
  • 25m B-Doubles
  • Road Trains
  • B-Triples
  • AB-Triples

Approved routes

The NSWLLS approved routes were extended on 30 August 2013 to include regional and local roads in 11 council areas, in addition to all approved HML routes and all State Roads.

Approved routes for NSWLLS are shown on the NSWLLS online interactive network map.

Click to launch the NSW Livestock Loading Scheme (NSWLLS) interactive map


The NSWLLS map shows NSWLLS approved routes and restrictions as an overlay on top of Google maps. RMS has no responsibility for, and does not guarantee the accuracy of, the underlying Google maps. RMS strives to be accurate in showing the NSWLLS approved routes and restrictions, however, there may be errors and omissions caused by Google maps being incorrect or out of date. RMS is not responsible for errors or omissions.

The NSWLLS maps are merely provided for your convenience and do not replace the NSWLLS approved routes which always take precedence over the NSWLLS maps. You should rely on the NSWLLS approved routes and restrictions given in ministerial order published on the RMS website when planning a route. Refer to the Livestock Loading Scheme Ministerial Order (PDF) for more information.

The NSWLLS route map will be updated with additional local and regional roads, subject to council approval and the completion of load limit sign-posting to protect vulnerable bridges.  Please refer to these lists for updates to access routes in the NSWLLS since the last publication of the map:

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