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Network Disclaimer The Livestock Loading Scheme networks are available for Scheme vehicles that comply with the requirements specified in the New South Wales Class 3 Livestock Transportation Exemption Notice 2021 (No. 1) . This map must be read in conjunction with the Notice. Eligible vehicles may only travel on approved routes and must comply with any condition for that vehicle type contained in the interactive maps or roads lists published on the Transport for NSW websites. These networks are based on a maximum vehicle width of 2.5 metres and are subject to sign-posted restrictions. Links to updated roads lists for NSWLLS: For more information on Livestock Loading Scheme in NSW please see NSW Livestock Loading Scheme web page.

LLS network

Single Articulated Combination
19m B-double
23m B-double
25m B-double
Type 1 A-double
Approved Routes With Travel Conditions
Exception Routes (not approved)
Approved Areas
Restricted Structures - Bridges

4.6m High Vehicles

Travel conditions exist on this route
Exception Routes (not approved)
Approved Areas
Approved Areas with Conditions

NSW Reference Layers

State Roads
Local Government Areas
Railway Level Crossings