Inspections and checks

Roads and Maritime Services Enforcement Operations Inspectors perform random and targeted, intercepts and inspections as part of on-road enforcement action, Heavy Vehicle Safety Station (HVSS) inspections, heavy vehicle registration inspections and operator investigations.

Roads and Maritime's Enforcement Operations enforce heavy vehicle compliance with road transport laws such as mechanical roadworthiness, mass limits, dimension limits, load restraint, driver licensing, vehicle registration and driver work/rest hours.

Enforcement Operations provide three main frontline services delivered by Enforcement Operations Inspectors:

  • Heavy vehicle inspection scheme inspections
    • Inspections of heavy vehicles for roadworthiness and vehicle standards for registration renewal
  • Random inspections at HVSS and on-road enforcement
    • Monitoring heavy vehicle traffic for fatigue management
    • Checking for valid registration and driver licences, outstanding defects, permit compliance and overloading of vehicles
    • Checking to ensure relevant load restraint guidelines have been followed
    • Performing detailed mechanical, steering and suspension inspections.
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