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New, updated and withdrawn technical documents.

New technical documents

DateDocument referenceSummary
05.02.21TSI-TG-011 Frame and Message Numbering for ISLUS and related signage

This Guidance describes the usage of frame numbers and message numbers by TfNSW (Transport for New South Wales) in their host control systems.

05.02.21TSI-TG-010 Submission Guide for ISLUS

This submission guide provides checklists and guidance for supporting evidence expected to be provided by an applicant making a submission of an ISLUS (integrated speed limit and lane usage sign) for evaluation, seeking TS201 or TS202 approval. .

29.01.21TTD 2021/01 Bypassed Town Services Signage

Provides the requirements for implementing enhanced bypassed town signage. Enhanced bypassed town signage may incorporate images to the existing wayfinding signage provisions contained in the Transport Guide Signposting Manual.

29.01.21Inspection and maintenance framework for ground anchor supported slopes and structures

The objective of this technical guide is to propose a framework for the inspection and maintenance of ground anchor supported slopes and structures, in order to extend the service life of anchored structures or slopes. It will provide recommendations to improve the long-term durability of anchors by evaluating the integrity of anchors in service. It will also provide a clear framework within the TfNSW context for asset managers to take steps in management of ground anchors.

29.01.21TSI-SP-082 Portable Variable Speed Limit Sign

This specification covers the requirements for Portable Variable Speed Limit Sign (Portable VSLS), to be used in New South Wales.

Jan 2021IC-QA-C76 – Professional Services Short Form Contract (Construction Industry)

Ed 1 Rev 0: Short form contract template to collect all relevant data and details required for Professional Services (Construction Industry). 

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Updated technical documents

DateDocument referenceAmendment
05.02.21TSI-SP-011 Integrated speed limit and lane use signsIssue 6: Restructure and adjust to reference AS 5156:2020 version.
29.01.21Typical slope stabilisation works with soil nailsStandard drawing updates
28.01.21Typical Pavement ProfilesStandard drawing updates
14.01.21IC-QA-NG71 – Guide to QA Specification G71Ed 2 Rev 0: Updated to accord with base Specification TfNSW G71 Ed 2 Rev 3. New guide notes and commentary added. Part III sample procedures and appendices updated to align with latest technologies and ICMS SP1 v1.7.
23.12.20IC-DC-G71 – Construction SurveysEd 2 Rev 4: Updated to accord with base (non-D&C) Specification G71 Ed 2/Rev 4.
23.12.20IC-QA-G71 – Construction SurveysEd 2 Rev 4: Term "kerb and gutter" changed to "kerb and channel (gutter)", consistent with spec R15.
22.12.20IC-DC-B80 – Concrete Work For BridgesEd 3 Rev 4: Updated to accord with base (non-D&C) Specification B80 Ed 7/Rev 4.
17.12.20IC-QA-B80 – Concrete Work For BridgesEd 7 Rev 4: Various updates and amendments to clauses and annexes, including the addition that the requirement of sample and testing of aggregate to be in accordance with AS2758.1 added.

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