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New, updated and withdrawn technical documents.

New technical documents

DateDocument referenceSummary
29.05.19TPR-G22 Truck and Plant Requirements

Roads and Maritime requirements for Truck and Plant used on Roads and Maritime construction sites and for hired plant (previously in Annexure G22/J) is now set out in TPR-G22.


Guide to use of Portable Variable Message Signs for Temporary Traffic Management on NSW Roads

This document serves as a guide for the use of portable Variable Message Signs (VMS) in relation to the placement and operation these devices to ensure the health and safety of workers and all road users in accordance with relevant Legislation, Standards and Guidelines.


DS2016/001419 Typical Gabion Wall at Location

New geotechnical standard drawing for retaining structures.

13.05.19TETED 2019/03 RMS 19.1236 – Use of Portable Boom BarriersOutlines the operational requirements for portable boom barriers in NSW. These devices must only be used for a single-lane operation where the speed is 60km/h or less only.
28.03.19TETD 2019/02 RMS.19.1206 – Use of Type 1 (Manual) Portable Traffic Signal SystemsType 1 (manual) Portable Traffic Signal Systems (PTS) are a portable traffic control device designed as an alternative to traffic control personnel with hand held STOP/SLOW bats or other devices used to control traffic flow (e.g. portable boom barriers). This technical direction outlines the operational requirements for Type 1 Manual PTS in NSW. These PTS shall only be used for a single-lane operation where either shuttle flow or plant crossing control is required.
20.03.19TETD 2019/01 RMS.19.1204 – Installation of Audio Tactile Line MarkingSpecifies the installation requirements for audio-tactile line marking on NSW State Roads, and supersedes the Roads and Maritime Services Delineation guide Part 5 V1.6.
March 2019Bridge Standard DrawingsSix new sets of Bridge standard drawings have been added/updated to the RMS external website. These include B000 Miscellaneous set, B0200 Super T Girder series set, B0300 PSC Plank Girder series, B0500 Traffic Barriers series, B0600 Bridge Joint series and B0700 Name Plate series. Full drawings sets are also available for download for each series.

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Updated technical documents

DateDocument referenceAmendment
06.05.19TSI-SP-061 - Pole Mount and Underground Mains FuseIssue 2 - Incorporate Pole Mount Main Fuse requirement
06.05.19TSI-SP-066 - Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS)Issue 3 - Major changes including removal of references to TSI-SP-067 (that being the specification for CMS), AS 4852.1 and other documents not directly VAS related, however including some of the requirements therein as applicable to VAS.
06.05.19TSI-SP-072 - Illuminated Traffic Signs

Issue 2 - Fix display picture error, update statutory requirements, and incorporate dimming

26.04.19IC-QA-DC81 - No Fines Concrete SubbaseEd 1 Rev 1: Updated to accord with base (non-D&C) Specification R81 Ed 1/Rev 1.
17.04.19IC-QA-R81 - No Fines Concrete SubbaseEd 1 Rev 1: Various clauses updated.
09.04.19IC-DC-B240 – Steel FastenersEd 3 Rev 0: Updated to accord with base (non-D&C) Specification B240 Ed 6 Rev 0
08.04.19IC-QA-B240 – Steel Fasteners

Ed 6 Rev 0: Clauses rearranged and reworded to improve clarity.
Spec title changed.

Term “stud” changed to “studbolt” to be consistent with terminology used in AS 2528.
05.04.19IC-QA-R11 Stormwater DrainageEd 5 Rev 5: Storage of pipes to be in accordance with manufacturer’s recommended practice.
05.04.19IC-DC-R11 Stormwater DrainageEd 3 Rev 5: Updated to accord with base (non-D&C) Specification R11 Ed 5 Rev 5
March 2019Bridge Aesthetics Design GuidelineUpdated to take account of completed bridges, new guidance on land-bridges and a new pedestrian bridge standard being employed across the state.

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