Construction-specific and multi-disciplinary requirements and directions for construction project delivery of Roads and Maritime assets and infrastructure.

Document ReferenceReferenceReference Type
 Supplement to Austroads Guide to Project deliverySupplements to Austroads Guide
RTA/Pub.11.066Supplement to Austroads Guide to Project EvaluationSupplements to Austroads Guide
PMO-EST-UG-001Project estimating manualGuides and Manuals
 QA bridgeworks specificationsSpecifications
 QA roadworks specificationsSpecifications
 QA traffic systems specificationsSpecifications
 QA materials specificationsSpecifications
 Design and construct bridge specificationsSpecifications
 Design and construct roadworks specifications - drainageSpecifications
 Design and construct roadworks specfications - sub-surface drainageSpecifications
 Design and construct materials specificationsSpecifications
IC-DC-G10DC G10 Traffic ManagementSpecification
IC-DC-G36DC G36 Environmental protection (Management System)Specification
IC-DC-G38DC G38 Soil And Water ManagementSpecification
IC-DC-G40DC G40 Clearing and grubbingSpecification
IC-DC-G71DC G71 Construction surveysSpecification
IC-DC-TS901DC TS901 OMCS Overview and General RequirementsSpecification
IC-DC-TS916DC TS916 OMCS Requirements - Electronic Toll Collections Systems (ETCS)Specification
IC-DC-TS917DC TS917 C2C Interface requirement for motorwaysSpecification
IC-QA-B80Guide to QA Specification B80 - Concrete work for bridgesSpecification
IC-QA-G10G10 Traffic ManagementSpecification
IC-QA-G10MG10M Traffic Management (Maintenance works)Specification
IC-QA-G36G36 Environmental ProtectionSpecification
IC-QA-G38G38 Soil and Water Management (Soil and Water Management Plan)Specification
IC-QA-G40G40 Clearing and GrubbingSpecification
IC-QA-G71G71 Construction SurveysSpecification
IC-QA-M1M1 General Network Management RequirementsSpecification
IC-QA-M2M2 AnnexuresSpecification
IM-QA-M208M208 Road openings and restoration (Low risk)Specification
IC-QA-M209M209 Road Openings and RestorationSpecification
IC-QA-M211M211 Crack Sealing (Bituminous Surface)Specification
IC-QA-M212M212 Routing and Sealing of Cracks (Concrete Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M213M213 Cross Stitching of Cracks and Joints (Concrete Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M214M214 Repair of Joint Seals in Concrete PavementSpecification
IC-QA-M215M215 Repair of Surface Spalls in Concrete PavementSpecification
IC-QA-M220M220 Formation grading of unsealed roadsSpecification
IC-QA-M231M231 Pressure Grouting for Slab Jacking / StabilisationSpecification
IC-QA-M232M232 Injected Expanding Foam Slab Jacking / StabilisationSpecification
IC-QA-M240M240 Shoulder gradingSpecification
IC-QA-M250M250 Heavy Patching (Flexible Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M258M258 Slab Replacement (Concrete Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M290M290 Pavement Reconstruction (Bound and Unbound Material)Specification
IC-QA-M3M3 Routine ServicesSpecification
IC-QA-M620M620 Maintenance of road safety barrier systemsSpecification
IC-QA-M752M752 Timber Truss Repairs - Temporary Support and Minor DesignSpecification
IC-QA-M772M772 Concrete Bridge Repairs - InvestigationSpecification
IC-QA-M773M773 Concrete Bridge Repairs - DesignSpecification
IC-QA-M782M782 Bridge Bearing Repairs - DesignSpecification
IC-QA-M783M783 Bridge Bearing Repairs - Construction Specification
IC-QA-M787M787 Bridge Deck Joint Repairs - Design Specification
IC-QA-M788M788 Bridge Deck Joint Repairs - ConstructionSpecification
IC-QA-NG36NG36 Guide To QA Specification G36 Environmental ProtectionSpecification
IC-QA-NG71NG71 Guide to Construction SurveysSpecification
IC-QA-N3252Guide To The Selection of Polymer Modified BinderSpecification
IC-QA-NR82NR82 Guide To QA Specification R82 - Lean-Mix Concrete SubbaseSpecification
IC-QA-NR83NR83 Guide To QA Specifications R83 And R84 - Concrete baseSpecification
IC-QA-NR106NR106 Guide to QA Specification R106 - Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing (With Cutback Bitumen)Specification
IC-QA-NR107NR107 Guide to QA Specification R107 - Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing (With Polymer Modified Bitumen)Specification
IC-QA-NR44NR44 Guide to Roads and Maritime Services QA Specification R44Specification
RNIC-QA-M321M321 Landscape MaintenanceSpecification
RNIC-QA-M322M322 Landscape RestorationSpecification
RNIC-QA-M430M430 Ferry OperationSpecification
RNIM-QA-M757M757 Timber Truss Repairs - ConstructionSpecification
 Test MethodsTest Methods
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