Standard (Road) Drawings

The Standard (Road) Drawings show standard details of components and construction techniques to be used in roadworks on Roads and Maritime Services funded infrastructure or infrastructure that will become the property of Roads and Maritime in the future.

Standard Drawings are referenced in Roads and Maritime Roadworks Specifications and may form part of tender documents for Roadworks Contracts let by Roads and Maritime.

The Stage One review of the Standard (Road) Drawings is complete. Stage One is an update to the ‘look and feel’ of the drawings to align them with Roads and Maritime CADD presentation standards. New drawing registration numbers have been established. PDF files of the drawings and drawing sets are provided. It is anticipated that 3D CADD models will be available in the future following the completion of the Stage Two technical content review.

A list of the new and old drawing numbers is provided as the first PDF file below.

The previous Model (Road) Drawings can be obtained by contacting if they are required for contractual reasons.

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