Fixing Local Roads Program

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Fixing Local Roads is a $500 million NSW Government program, providing funding to councils to assist in reducing the local roads maintenance backlog. Councils can apply for funding to assist in repairing, patching, maintaining or sealing existing priority council roads.

Applications for the 2019/20 round of Fixing Local Roads program are now open until 2 December 2019. Application form are available to download and must be submitted using the Fixing Local Roads email address

Well-maintained roads play a vital role in our regions, supporting growth and development, as well as providing access to critical services such as hospitals and schools. These benefits and connections stimulate the economy and promote the social wellbeing of our communities.

Reduced access to services and decreased safety directly and indirectly leads to significant cost to local economies. By taking care of the council local road maintenance backlog and improving standards and connectivity, there is potential for economic growth and employment opportunities.

The total NSW road network is over 180,000 kilometres in length, with approximately 80 per cent classified as Local Roads. Local councils are currently responsible for maintaining well over 85 per cent of the total NSW road network (including regional and local roads).

The ability of local government to effectively manage their respective road assets is becoming increasingly challenging. This has led to an increased maintenance backlog on Local Roads, resulting in a deteriorating asset base that leads to poor outcomes for NSW communities.

Fixing Local Roads Guidelines 2019

The Fixing Local Roads Guidelines 2019 set out relevant program information, including the program objectives, eligibility, assessment criteria, key dates, funding limits and co-contributions, payment, reporting milestones and how to apply.

Eligible Local Government Area’s

Please refer to the Eligibility List. Eligible local government bodies are found at Appendix 1 of the Fixing Local Roads Guidelines 2019.


Application forms are available and must be submitted using the Fixing Local Roads email address

Have a question?

If you have any questions please email the Fixing Local Roads team on to seek advice on potential projects and for information on preparing applications.

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