Sydney Roads Asset Performance Contracts

The current maintenance contracts are coming to an end in 2021, Commencing the next phase of transport improvement NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) are reviewing existing arrangements to determine the best approach for the future, to manage and maintain assets and best outcomes for our customers. The project is working with a holistic network based approach with improved connectivity, integrated services and better use of capacity.

On 14 June 2019 Roads and Maritime Services held the first Sydney Roads Asset Performance Contracts Industry Liaison session with 91 people attending representing 42 different organisations.

At the event

  • John Hardwick the Executive Director of the Greater Sydney Division took the opportunity to update the attendees on Roads and Maritime Service’s progress on developing the new maintenance contracts.
  • David Fishburn the Director Sydney Maintenance delivering a presentation about the current SMC and ITS contracts; enabling those that are not involved in the current contracts to understand the approach.
  • Kelly Allert the Business Manager, of the Executive Director Greater Sydney Roads then provided a report on the key findings of industry liaison and research, undertaken by JWS Research on behalf of Roads and Maritime Services last year.
  • Matt Sweeting, Director Project Implementation shared the strategy that is being developed for the maintenance contracts, providing an opportunity to comment or ask questions. He also provided details regarding Roads and Maritime’s initial thoughts on the concept of combining ITS and Road Maintenance, the proposed contract boundaries and rules to ensure competition and resilience in the market.

View the slides from the day.

Roads and Maritime will hold further industry liaison meetings and we will use the questions asked to dictate the content of these liaison sessions. For that reason we are not providing written responses to all questions raised at this time. Please note that you do not need to be a Roads Australia member to attend the liaison meetings.

The next industry liaison meeting is scheduled for Monday, 23 September 2019, so please put a placeholder in your diary and we will provide further information closer to the event.

Timeline for the new Sydney Roads Asset Performance Contracts

Timeline for the new Sydney Roads Asset Performance Contracts

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