FAQs - Technical Services Registration Scheme

Frequently asked questions

  • The Technical Services Registration Scheme is a pool of technical services suppliers across a range of service types that are registered to work on Roads and Maritime Services projects. It’s a more streamlined approach that will benefit suppliers and Roads and Maritime.
  • The Technical Services Registration Scheme services types from 23 December 2019 are:

    • Drainage Investigation and Design
    • Standard Road Design
    • Complex Road Design
    • Standard Bridge Design
    • Complex Bridge Design
    • Bridge Rehabilitation Design
    • Materials and Durability Services - Concrete Durability Investigations
    • Materials and Durability Services - Corrosion of Steel in Concrete
    • Materials and Durability Services - Concrete Testing
    • Cadastral Surveying
    • Surveys for Civil Works
    • Geospatial Surveys
    • Utility Location and Subsurface Mapping
    • Pavement Investigation and Testing
    • Pavement Interpretation of Test Results and Advice
    • Geotechnical Assessment and Interpretation
    • Geotechnical Investigation and Monitoring
    • Geotechnical Construction Supervision and Advice
    • Slope Risk Management
    • Environmental Impact Assessment Preliminary Environment Investigations
    • Environmental Impact Assessment Minor Works REF
    • Environmental Impact Assessment Project REF
    • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
    • Non-Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
    • Engineered Heritage
    • Aboriginal Cultural Values
    • Socio-economic
    • Noise and Vibration
    • Estimating – General
    • Estimating – Specialist (Electrical & Mechanical)
    • Estimating – Specialist (Tunnel Estimation)
  • Yes - a list of registered suppliers is available on our website.
  • We have had strong interest in the Technical Services Registration Scheme, both for renewal of membership and representation to make an application.

    Our team is working with the discipline representatives to publish information on the application process.

    Information on how and when to apply to the Technical Services Registration Scheme will be published on our website and advertised through NSW eTendering when available.

  • No - Roads and Maritime will continue to use our standard procurement processes. These processes provide a number of flexible procurement methods. However, the Technical Services Registration Scheme will be used as a prequalification requirement for the procurement of technical services that fall under the scheme service types.
  • Roads and Maritime will purchase these services using the standard Roads and Maritime procurement process.

    Applicants to the Technical Services Registration Scheme will be assessed on a range of criteria including past performance, technical capacity, resources and management systems and will be categorised to the relevant service type.

  • Details on how to apply to the Technical Services Registration Scheme will be available later this year and will be posted on our website.

    Technical Services Registration Scheme membership will be renewed in phases from early 2020 and membership is valid for three years from evaluation. We will contact suppliers when membership is due for renewal, to validate information and review eligibility. Renewals will take place every three years.

  • The NSW Government is making changes to clusters and agencies within the public sector, including Roads and Maritime Services and Transport for NSW, to improve customer service. As part of these changes Roads and Maritime is being integrated with Transport for NSW, and teams have started to work together.

    Established Roads and Maritime contacts will keep suppliers informed of progress and advise of any changes as we work through the detail of the new operating model.

  • New information will continue to be published on our website about the Technical Services Registration Scheme.

    If you have any questions or feedback, please email: tech.suppliers@rms.nsw.gov.au or phone Alison Mendham, Manager Technical Contracts Strategy on (02) 9462 6226.

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