Contract ID: 0206NOV083

Contract ID 0206NOV083
Contract Type Goods and Services - ICT
Contract Name ITS 2313 Novell Common Use Software
Contract Description Order under ITS 2313 NSW Master Licencing Agreement for the provision of Novell Licences - Renewable annually.
Contract Commencement Date 05 Jun 2002
Period of Contract 9999 Years
Contact email
Successful Tenderer Novell Pty Limited
Amount of Tender
Cost Adjustment Provision (contract clause)
$ 754,740.00pa*
Remarks * Amount: Up to $4.5m since 2002

Disclosure of Information Class 1

a) Particulars of any related body corporate (within the meaning of the Corporations Act 2001 of the Commonwealth) in respect of the contractor, or any other private sector entity in which the contractor has an interest, that will be involved in carrying out any of the contractor's obligations under the contract or will receive a benefit under the contract N/A
b) A description of any provisions under which the amounts payable to contactor may be varied Official Order Schedule ITS 2313
c) A description of any provisions with respect to the renegotiation of the contract Official Order Schedule ITS 2313
d) In the case of a contract arising from a tendering process, the method of tendering and a summary of the criteria against which the various tenders were assessed See below
e) A description of any provisions under which it is agreed that the contractor is to receive payment for providing operational or maintenance services Official Order Schedule ITS 2313
Significant Evaluation Criteria
(list below)
Weightings %
(list below)
(A) Non Price  
Assessment based on value for money after consideration of RFP criteria  
(B) Price N/A*
* Price has not been included in weightings. Following determination of non-price score the tendered price and these scores are considered, then the tender assessed as offering the best value for money to Roads and Maritime Services is recommended for acceptance.


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