Registered contractors

Contractors listed below are members of the Registration Scheme for Construction Industry Contractors. Five categories from this scheme will move to the Technical Services Registration Scheme on 1 October 2019. They are:
  • BD1 Standard Bridge Design
  • BD2 Complex Bridge Design
  • BD3 Bridge Rehabilitation Design
  • RD1 Standard Road Design
  • RD2 Complex Road Design

Find out more about the changes in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Last updated: 6 August 2019

  • BD1: Standard Bridge Design
  • BD2: Complex Bridge Design
  • BD3: Bridge Rehabilitation Design
  • D: Drainage
  • E: Earthworks
  • F: Formwork
  • G: Provision of Traffic Control
  • L1: Construction laboratories <$10M
  • L2: Construction laboratories >$10M & <$200M
  • L3: Construction laboratories >$200M
  • RD1: Standard Road Design

  • RD2: Complex Road Design
  • S1: Erosion, Sedimentation and Soil Conservation Consultancy Services (R1 to R4)
  • S2: Erosion, Sedimentation and Soil Conservation Consultancy Services (unrestricted)
  • CC2: Steel Items to Construction Category 2
  • U: Urban Design Services
  • X: Demolition of Buildings
  • Z1: Stabilisation (insitu method)
  • Z2: Stabilisation (stationary Plant)

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