Replacement Traffic Control Cards

Explanatory notes

The TCT – Replacement Photo Card Application form is to be used to apply for a replacement traffic control photo card for:

  • Change of name
  • Lost/Stolen card(s)
  • Damaged/Destroyed card(s)
  • Not received card(s)

If your card has an error, such as incorrect spelling or photo, please contact the Traffic Control Training Unit on 1300 828 782.

How to complete the form

The TCT – Replacement Photo Card Application form can be printed or filled out online. If you complete the form online you will be required to print the application form to sign and date it. Electronic signatures will not be accepted.

Please note: Expired cards cannot be replaced.

Have you changed your name?

If you have changed your name, you will need to mail the following:

  1. A completed TCT - Replacement Photo Card Application form
  2. Your original Traffic Control Card(s) with your old name
  3. A certified copy of one of the following documents:
  • Change of Name Certificate issued by Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM)
  • Marriage Certificate. For NSW, Roads and Maritime only accepts Marriage Certificates issued by BDM. If you were married in another state or country, a Marriage Certificate from a celebrant or church is acceptable
  • Birth Certificate showing your name at birth and your new name
  • Divorce document bearing the name being reverted to Deed Poll registered with the relevant authority.

Who can certify my documents?

A photocopy of the original document must be certified as a true copy by a justice of the peace (JP) or notary public.

The JP or notary public must provide beneath the certification, their signature, the date on which the certification was made, state in which they are registered in and the JP registration number or for a notary public, their job title.

Lodging your application

Submit your completed form and any required documents by one of the following methods:

Note: Change of Name requests require a certified copy of the documentation, therefore they cannot be lodged via email; you must post your application.

If you have any further questions please contact the Traffic Control Training Unit on 1300 828 782.

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