Traffic technical documents

Roads and Maritime Services produces two types of traffic management related technical reference documents which are complementary to the primary reference material Austroads Guide to Traffic Management and the Australian Standards AS1742, 1743 and 2890.

The first type of complementary material is technical manuals which are reference documents dealing with specific topics (eg Pay Parking). The second type of complementary material is technical notes (known as Technical Directions) which detail new practice, or update existing practice, not shown in current Roads and Maritime Services manuals.

Roads and Maritime Services has Supplements for the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management and Australian Standards AS 1742, 1743 and 2890, which document any mandatory Roads and Maritime Services practice.

Roads and Maritime Services Supplements must be referred to prior to using any reference material.

If any conflict arises, Roads and Maritime Services Supplements, the Austroads Guides and the Australian Standards are to prevail.

Please note that these documents are continually being updated.

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