Book your driving test online

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What do updating your Facebook status, watching a music video on Youtube, placing a bid on ebay and booking your driving test have in common?

They can all be done online and in just a few minutes.

So if you’re ready to take the test for your L or P plates, there’s no need to get yourself to a registry and take a number. You can go online and choose the location, along with the day and time you’d like to take your test. Go to Book a test online.

Changes to the Graduated Licensing Scheme from 20 November 2017

Changes apply to the testing you need to progress through the licensing stages. In addition, P2 drivers who get suspended for unsafe driving will end up adding an extra 6 months to the time they need to spend on their P2 licence. Find out more.

Booking your test online is an easy and convenient option because you can choose any registry and view all the time slots that are open for you to take the test. And if later you get a better offer, you can change or cancel your booking online too.

So if you want to book yourself in to take a licence or driving test, why not check out what time slots are free right now by visiting Book a test. You're already online after all.

What tests can I book online?

Pretty much all of them! You can book online for:

  • Driver Knowledge Test for a learner licence.
  • Hazard Perception Test for a P1 provisional licence.
  • Driving Test for a P1 provisional licence.
  • Driver Qualification Test for an unrestricted licence - but only if you got your P2 licence before 20 November 2017 and haven't yet progressed to an unrestricted licence.
  • Rider pre-learner training and knowledge test for a motorcycle licence.

Need to practice?

Before going for your learner licence, it's a good idea to practice the Driver Knowledge Test. That way you're prepared when it comes time to take the real one.