Wharf access changes

This page will provide details of wharves that have temporary restricted access. Dates may be subject to change for maintenance work. We will update information as soon as it is available to keep the details current and accurate. Emergency work may not be listed on this page due to the requirement for immediate action.

Wharf name Changed access details/work description Dates to note*
Circular Quay Wharf 6 Replacement of broken pontoon pile. The side of the pontoon will need to be closed for the repair work to be undertaken. Pontoon eastern side will be closed for 2 to 4 days. It is anticipated that work will be undertaken in March/April.
Circular Quay, wharf 4, Electrical wiring between wharf and pontoon to be replaced. Work will be undertaken March/April and take 1 to 2 weeks. No 3 phase shore power available during some nights.
Mosman Bay Wharf Substructure repairs to piles and headstocks. Work to be undertaken from 11th March. While the southern side of the wharf to be closed ferry operation will not be affected.
Manly Ferry wharf Eastern buffer and sub-structure

The eastern buffer is to be reconstructed so that it remains effective, while a barge will be onsite, the wharf operation will not be affected.

During this time other works will include:

  • Completion of stage three substructure repairs;
  • Deep clean of walls, windows and ceilings.
Kirribilli wharf Refurbishment and superstructure repairs

Recoat the fender piles and undertake internal repairs to the structure.

The wharf will require closure for 3 to 5 days as the work areas will be unsafe for the public.

Works are tentatively planned for May/June 2018.

Man-O-War Jetty Surface and sea wall repairs.

Minor repairs to be undertaken to repair the surfaces. Both pontoons will be operational during this time, although there may be brief 15 minutes periods where access will be restricted to a pontoon.

Work is planned to be undertaken in May June 2019.

Man-O-War North Piles, ramp and pontoon refurbishment

The Northern pontoon will undergo a refurbishment.

The pontoon will be closed for up to 8 weeks for the work to be undertaken in July/August.

*Dates are subject to change.

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