e-lodgement of planning applications

e-lodgement has arrived!

Your planning applications can now be lodged online via our new e-lodgement platform:

The new online application lodgment replaces the paper based system for:

  • Permission to Lodge Applications (PTL)
  • Development Applications (DA)
  • Subdivision Certificate Applications (SCA)
  • Review of Environmental Factors (REF)
  • Stormwater Discharge Applications (SDA)
  • Corporate Maritime Property Applications (CMPA)
  • Construction Certificate Notifications (CC)
  • Occupation Certificate Notifications (OC)
  • Complying Development Certificate Notifications CDC)

The online forms requires applications to be fully completed before they are submitted, eliminating time that is currently taken to chase additional information. The reduction in administration and handling results in time and cost savings and efficiencies.

Please contact maritimeplanning@rms.nsw.gov.au if you have questions on the e-lodgement process. 

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