Before you go boating

Precautionary measures you should take before you go boating.

Before you go afloat

Before you head out on the water consider these simple tips to assist in trouble free boating:

  • Check that your boat is in good condition
  • Check that you have all the required safety equipment on board. Ensure all safety equipment is in good condition and easily accessible in the event of an emergency and everybody aboard knows its location
  • Make sure you have local boating maps for the waterways you will be using. Boating maps are available for purchase for a nominal fee. They are a vital tool for negotiating NSW waterways and include handy hints for safe boating. The maps are printed on special waterproof paper and can be viewed online before purchasing - see Maps. To buy a map, contact your local service centre, or order online
  • Report your trip. Let someone know where you are going, how many people are on board and when you intend to return
  • Make sure you and your crew know how to handle the boat, especially on the waterway that you’re using. If in doubt, get information from locals or Roads and Maritime
  • Check the weather before you go out. Register for the Maritime Alert system that is based on official weather data
  • Make sure you have sufficient water and fuel for the duration of the trip
  • Go easy on the drink. Waves, wind and weather multiply the effects of alcohol. Far too many boating fatalities involve alcohol
  • If crossing a bar, log on to view live web camera footage for a number of coastal bars in NSW.

Get to know Marine Rescue NSW

Marine Rescue NSW is the state’s volunteer marine rescue organisation and provides boating safety education, marine radio communications and emergency search and rescue services for recreational boaters. Get to know how Marine Rescue NSW can help make your boating safer and more enjoyable. To locate your local base, visit Marine Rescue NSW.

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