PWC (jetski) ride right

Personal Watercraft are great fun but they must be used responsibly.

Two-time world surfing champion Tom Carroll and five-time world PWC champion Kylie Ellmers are safety ambassadors for Ride Right.

Tom is professional waterman and uses a PWC with his Storm Surfers team to tow into massive waves in some of the most remote places on earth, while Kylie is at the pinnacle of the sport winning her fifth PWC title recently in the USA.

“PWC are awesome craft and make it possible to catch waves we have never ridden before but you need to know what you are doing and ride right,” said Tom Carroll.

“PWC are not just another toy … they are a powerboat, just smaller, and you need to know the rules for safe use,” said Kylie Ellmers.

The Ride Right safety education package was made with the support of the Boating Industry Association and other stakeholders in a bid to improve the culture of safe behaviour on NSW waterways.

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