Boating offences

Water Police and Boating Safety Officers regularly patrol NSW waterways to deter and detect dangerous and illegal behaviour. There are heavy penalties, including fines and licence suspensions for people who break the law.

If an offence such as speeding is committed, authorised officers (Roads and Maritime Services or NSW Police) may issue a penalty notice requiring payment of a penalty within a prescribed period.

Serious or repeat offences under the marine legislation may result in court proceedings after the issue of a court attendance notice. Such offences may include dangerous or negligent navigation.

Breath testing, including random breath testing (RBT), can be conducted on the operator of a vessel while it is underway, including drifting. RBT does not apply when a vessel is moored, berthed or at anchor. Being detected in excess of the permissible concentration of alcohol by way of a breath test may result in Police issuing a court attendance notice.

For more detailed information, see Offences and penalties.

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