Mooring licences

A mooring is used to secure a vessel in a particular location. There are various types of moorings including:

  • Private (Yellow Buoy) – Licence permits you to moor your vessel on navigable waters subject to a range of conditions and is renewed annually
  • Commercial (Red Buoy) – Licence issued to a company or other legal entity trading to provide marine type services to the boating public. This licence is also subject to a range of conditions
  • Emergency (Blue Buoy) – Used by Roads and Maritime or NSW Police to store vessels in emergency situations
  • Courtesy (Pink Buoy) – Freely available for use by the general boating public on a 24 hour basis.

Private mooring licences, subject to availability, allow a vessel to be secured to a mooring in a particular location. Private mooring licences are only issued to individuals and to a specific vessel.

For detailed information, see Moorings.

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