Sydney Harbour Boating Destinations

Boating on Sydney Harbour just got better!

Sydney Harbour is one of the finest natural harbours in the world with a foreshore perimeter of 310km.

To get the most out of a day boating on Sydney Harbour, Roads and Maritime Services has partnered with 19 exclusive marinas to improve access to quality services and amenities for boaters on the harbour.

Destination marinas welcome boaters to use facilities and amenities to make their Sydney Harbour boating experience even more memorable.

Find your closest destination - interactive map

Identifying Destination marinas

When out on Sydney Harbour, look for the green Boating Destination marina banner or flag displayed prominently at participating marinas.

Boating Destinations signage: blue flag and banner for Destination Marinas, green flag and banner for Destination berth.

Facilities and services available at Destination marinas include:

  • Destination berth
  • Destination mooring
  • Water taxi access
  • Wi-fi zone
  • Fuel
  • Dinghy storage
  • Slipway
  • Public toilets
  • Food services
  • Recreational area
  • Water wash down
  • Power
  • Pump out area
  • Marine services.

Blue and white logo symbols are used on the Destinations Plan map to identify the available services at each Boating Destination marina.

14 blue and white symbols identifying the services and amenities that may be available at a Destination

What to do when you arrive at the Boating Destination marina

When you arrive at a Destination marina look out for the blue Destination berth banner to see where you can tie up.

Some smaller marinas may not have berths available, but do have Destination moorings. Please contact the marina operator to arrange a Destination mooring.

House rules

Each marina has its own house rules which visitors must follow when making use of the facilities however please note the following:

  • Marina house rules will be displayed near the Destination berths or at other prominent locations on the marina
  • Each marina can only accommodate a limited number of visiting vessels at a time
  • Marinas may impose time limits to help manage demand
  • If you arrive at a marina and the Destination berths are occupied, please be patient or try another Boating Destination marina.

Other public access points

The Boating Destinations Plan map highlights the range of facilities, amenities and public infrastructure available to recreational boaters on Sydney Harbour, including boat ramps, public moorings and ferry wharves that are no longer part of the public transport network or are only used by ferries during commuter peaks.

The Destinations Plan forms part of the Government’s Maritime Policy Agenda which includes:

  • A range of initiatives aimed at improving boat safety
  • Increasing boat storage and waterways access
  • Reducing red tape.

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