Recovery of debris from container vessel “YM Efficiency”

On Friday 1 June 2018 the container vessel YM Efficiency carrying 2252 containers reported the loss of 81 containers overboard, with an additional 59 containers damaged on board. At the time, the ship was offshore from the Central Coast of NSW.

Debris location map

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Public safety

We encourage members of the public to stay away from debris for safety reasons. 

If you see any debris, it is very important not to touch it or attempt to clean it up. The cargo is from overseas and still subject to Australian Quarantine provisions. Contractors are working right along the coast to clean up the debris which will be placed in local skip bins and shipped directly to a disposal facility.

Media releases

Advice to vessel operators

Modelling undertaken by AMSA and weather conditions indicate that most of the remaining containers are likely to have sunk close to the site of the incident off the coast between Newcastle and Crowdy Heads. To date, two have washed ashore.

Given the potential risk to vessel safety, particularly trawling operations, AMSA has confirmed that a subsea search will be undertaken in the coming days to locate the missing containers on the sea floor.

AMSA has confirmed that the ship's insurers have contracted Port of Newcastle to provide their hydrographic survey vessel to initially conduct a five-day search.

The initial search will focus on the high priority areas around where the containers were lost, and where modelling indicates that most of them are likely to be located.

Given the potential risk to vessel safety, particularly trawling operations, AMSA will update the public and industry stakeholders as soon as they have confirmed data.

Visit AMSA’s website for updates and a map of potential hazards to mariners.

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