Batemans Bay Bridge openings

Opening times, booking details and clearance levels for vessels travelling under Batemans Bay Bridge in NSW.

Scheduled opening times

The new Bateman’s Bay Bridge is scheduled to open to traffic by late March, weather pending. Removal work will begin on the old bridge within days of the new bridge opening to traffic. The lift span will continue to be raised twice a day at 11.45am and 2.20pm to provide for regular river traffic passage until a section of the bridge to the south is removed in the coming months. The navigation channel will then be temporarily relocated through the area left by the removed section. This will allow for the removal of the rest of the bridge, including the lift span and substructure.

We will keep the community informed of the navigation changes. River users are advised to follow buoyage and instruction on site, to pay attention to signage and buoyage in the vicinity, to minimise wash and reduce vessel speed to four knots.

Times vary during school and holiday peak times.

Book a bridge opening

Until the navigation channel is temporarily relocated, openings can continue to be made on request if you book 24 hours in advance.

To book, call Batemans Bay Power and Sail on (02) 4472 7263.

Clearance levels

The existing Bateman’s Bay Bridge has 9 fixed spans and 1 centre lifting span with a width of 23m. The lifting span has an open vertical clearance of about 22.8m at MHW. With the lifting span closed, the air draft through the bridge is 3.6 metres at MHW.

Check the Batemans Bay Lower Clyde boating map for vertical clearance details for this area

Once the existing bridge is removed over the coming months, there will be an uninterrupted 12 metre vertical clearance limit for vessels, measured above mean high water springs (MHWS).

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