Harwood Bridge openings

Harwood Bridge opening times, booking details and clearance levels for vessels travelling on the Clarence River in NSW.

Book a bridge opening

You can book an opening of Harwood Bridge outside of the following times:

  • Monday to Friday 7am – 10am
  • Monday to Friday 2pm – 5pm.

Book 24 hours in advance.

Phone the Harwood Bridge caretaker on 0412 604 748, 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

The openings are managed on a case by case basis. Special consideration is given to commercial operators.

While the bridge is open for boats and other marine vessels, there's no access for vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists.

Clearance levels

Boats and other marine vessels may need to pass through Harwood Bridge to access Harwood Island on the Clarence River in NSW.

Harwood Bridge is a two-lane steel truss bridge with a closed vertical clearance of 8.1m above MHW, an open vertical clearance of 36.1 metres above MHW, and a width between fenders of 30.4 metres.

A new bridge (yet to be named) opened to traffic in 2019 to provide smoother travel for Pacific Highway motorists and eliminate the need for motorists to stop while the existing Harwood Bridge is raised for maritime users.

The new Harwood Bridge provides a vertical clearance of 29.3m above MHW.

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