Personal watercraft hire and drive tours

People driving two jetskies on a river

Roads and Maritime Services is currently trialling an unlicensed personal watercraft (PWC) hire and drive tour operation on a case-by-case trial basis from 1 September 2019. During this trial, the proponent needs to demonstrate that significant safety and control measures have been implemented.

Any application for this type of operation will be strictly reviewed - and may not be accepted in certain areas dependant on current safety concerns, stakeholder sentiment and compliance rates in the area. An operation in Broken Bay is the first activity of this nature and is working under strict trial conditions.

The concept will allow people new to PWCs to experience driving a PWC without a licence, under strictly controlled conditions and with qualified tour guides. Safety and safe behaviours are a key component to the trial, while speed and education will be tightly controlled and monitored by Authorised Officers.

By allowing this type of activity, Roads and Maritime are aiming to better educate PWC users and ensure key commercial operators and retailers take a level of responsibility to grow a safer PWC community more aware of themselves and other NSW waterways users.

The activity will be closely monitored by Roads and Maritime to ensure the conditions of approval are being met and other waterway users and residents of surrounding areas have an avenue to raise concerns or gain further information about the trial.

Following the trial period, the program will be assessed on a range of criteria related to safety, access and amenity of the waterway. If deemed successful, the operation will continue into the future.

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