Navigation Restriction - Tuckombil Canal, Upper Evans River near Woodburn - Bridge construction

Tuckombil Canal, Upper Evans River near Woodburn
From September 2018 estimated completion January 2020


Roads and Maritime Services advises vessel operators that Bachy Soletanche Pty Ltd, Albem Operations Pty Ltd, Bielby Holdings and J F Hull Holdings Pty Ltd will be conducting bridge construction work over the Tuckombil Canal on the Upper Evans River south of Woodburn. Two bridges will be constructed in close proximity to each other over the Tuckombil Canal approximately 200 metres downstream of the Tuckombil concrete weir. The works will commence mid September 2018 and are due for completion in January 2020.


The Exclusion Zone will be marked by a series of lit yellow special marks which will be positioned approximately 200 metres downstream of the construction area. Work vessels and barges will display appropriate day shapes and lighting, anchoring cables will be buoyed accordingly.

Vessel operators are advised that navigation is not permitted beyond the Exclusion Zone for the duration of the works. This Exclusion Zone remains in place for the duration of the works.


Roads and Maritime Services advises:

  1. Persons within the vicinity of the works must comply with any directions given by a Boating Safety Officer or Police Officer in relation to the works or to marine safety. Failure to comply with any such direction is an offence (Marine Safety Act 1998, s.15A - Maximum Penalty $3,300.00).
  2. Vessels are required to maintain a safe distance and speed from the works and vessel operators are reminded that the production of wash which impacts unreasonably on the works is an offence (Marine Safety Regulation – clause 11(2)) - Maximum Penalty $5,500.00)


Roads and Maritime Boating Map – 2A

For further information concerning this Navigation Restriction, please contact the Ballina Boating Safety Officer, Darren Watson on phone: 0418 660 769.


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