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Know when your safety equipment expires and know about the weather. This page allows you to register for safety equipment and weather alerts.

Safety equipment. Don't expire - set an alert

As every responsible skipper knows, there are certain items in the safety equipment list that have an expiry date. Such dates are applied in a bid to ensure this equipment will work when needed, which can include life threatening circumstances.

Safety gear that carry expiry dates include: flares, emergency position indicating radio beacons and inflatable lifejackets.

Don't let this safety equipment expire, set an alert. There are some easy options to achieve this:

  1. Put the dates in your diary
  2. Put the dates in your mobile phone
  3. Set up a Maritime Alert - Safety Equipment

Weather. Watch the weather - set an alert

This service allows you to choose the area of interest along the coast, or in alpine areas, and to choose how often the alert is sent to you and most importantly, what wind threshold you believe is important to you. In this way, you can customize the alert to be of most use to you. This email service does not replace the official forecast and Roads and Maritime Services strongly recommends all skippers keep a close eye on the official weather.

Conditions constantly change, always check the offficial weather ... Bureau of Meteorology

Alpine waterway weather alert services now available.

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