Construction of Batemans Bay Bridge

Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project

The $274 million project will build better connections in and around Batemans Bay for motorists, freight, river users, pedestrians and cyclists. Major work started in early 2019 and is planned to be complete in early 2023.

Latest news

DEC 2019

DEC 2019Changes to bridge opening times

Due to bushfire emergencies there may be changes to the opening times of the lift span on the Batemans Bay Bridge on the Clyde River. For more information please visit our page on Bridge Opening Times.

Normal daily bridge lifting span times are opened to vessels twice daily at 11:45 and 2:20pm. The span is lifted regularly and on demand, an average of 1000 times annually.

No lifts will be operating on Wednesday 25 December 2019.

Please note: during school and peak holiday times the bridge span opening times will vary.

OCT 2019

OCT 2019What work is coming up in 2019?

Major work continues, with over 150 working on the project. Work planned between 1 October and 31 December includes:

  • Complete marine and land-based piling
  • Start transporting the bridge segments from the pre-cast facility in Mogo to the project area and placing them to make the land-based spans
  • Stablising the ground on the southern side of the river using over drilled 300 concrete columns
  • Complete earthwork
  • Continue work to upgrade the Princes and Kings Highway intersection
  • Start work on the southern retaining wall on the new bridge.

View the community update - three month look ahead October to December 2019 (PDF, 1.43Mb) for more information on this work.

Recent work includes the start of land and marine-based piling, start of installing pile caps onto the piles, the arrival of two 3000 tonne barges on Friday 11 July and Wednesday 14 August and start of manufacturing the concrete bridge segments at the pre-cast facility, south of Mogo.

SEP 2019

SEP 2019Old Punt Road, North Batemans Bay temporary changes

Temporary changes to pedestrian access will start from Monday 9 September in North Batemans Bay to allow for continued work on the new bridge across the Clyde River.

For pedestrians travelling from Wray Street to Korners Park or the town centre, the temporary route will travel along the eastern side of Old Punt Road and the southern side of Kings Highway.

Pedestrians and cyclists then cross the Princes Highway near the intersection of the Kings and Princes highways and connect to the existing pathway on the eastern side of the Princes Highway.

The detour may add up to seven minutes to a pedestrian’s journey and up to two minutes to a cyclist’s journey.

The impacted section of the Old Punt Road pedestrian footpath will be temporarily reopened during the October Long Weekend from Saturday 5 to Monday 7 October.

View or download the September 2019 – letter to residents (PDF, 482Kb) for more information.

Project information

For the safety of workers and motorists, some traffic changes will be required. For the latest traffic updates call 132 701, visit or download the Live Traffic NSW App.

  • The eastbound left lane on Kings Highway between the Bay Ridge Drive roundabout and the Princes Highway roundabout will be closed between 3 June and late 2019. Access to the Caltex Service station and pedestrian access along the Kings Highway between Bay Ridge Drive and the existing pedestrian network on the Princes Highway will be maintained at all times.
  • A temporary section of highway has opened south of Batemans Bay Bridge to enable work to start on the southern approach of the new bridge
  • The northbound shoulder of Princes Highway between the existing Batemans Bay Bridge to just north of the intersection of the Princes and Kings highways will also be closed between 3 June and late 2019.
  • The northbound left lane on Princes Highway between Beach Road and Clyde Street will be closed as will the southbound left lane on the Princes Highway between Clyde and North streets between 3 June and late 2019.
  • Access to the Caltex Service station and pedestrian access along the Kings Highway between Bay Ridge Drive and the existing pedestrian network on the Princes Highway will be maintained at all times.
  • From Monday 1 April, northbound and southbound right-hand turning movements from the Princes Highway into Clyde Street and eastbound movements from Clyde Street across the Princes Highway will not be permitted.
  • A marine exclusion zone is in place for the safety of workers and river users. View the April 2019 community update (PDF, 1.2Mb) for more information on these changes.
  • The project team require use of the Old Punt Road and Clyde Street boat ramps during stages of construction. To provide continuous river access for boat users, we are building a new temporary boat ramp at Korners Park on the northern foreshore of Batemans Bay.
  • The partially-built boat ramp at Korners Park in North Batemans Bay was badly damaged during storms on Tuesday 4 June.
  • Remediation work has commenced and the existing Clyde Street boat ramp will be kept open to the public until the situation is resolved.
  • Please view or download the boat ramp relocation diagram (PDF, 647Kb) showing how we will be maintaining river access at all times or view the FAQ – boat ramp notification (PDF, 802Kb) for more information.

During some activities we will be required to work outside of standard hours to minimise disruptions during peak periods. We will inform the community before any out of hours works is required.

We invited community feedback on the Urban Design and Landscaping Plan, including the foreshore designs, in June 2019. This feedback period has now closed all submissions will be considered for further design refinements.

Check out the online interactive map to see the foreshore designs or view the proposed plans for the northern and southern foreshores (PD, 1.05Mb).

View the full Urban Design and Landscape report (PDF, 77.9Mb).

We worked closely with a foreshore advisory committee made up of community members and stakeholders groups that provided expertise and advice on the foreshore designs.

View the committee’s summary report (PDF, 260Kb) that explains how the committee influenced the design of the foreshore area.

A temporary facility is being built about six kilometres south of Mogo. The facility will be used to build the 168 concrete box segments for the project.

Benefits of this location include keeping employment and training opportunities in the local area, minimising environmental impacts by using an existing quarry site and reducing heavy vehicle movements in the Batemans Bay town centre.

The project is currently exceeding state-wide employment targets, with almost 45 per cent of the workforce being locals and large numbers of under- represented groups also employed on the project.

As of August 2019 the project workforce consists of:

  • Locals, making up 47 per cent of workers
  • Learning Workers, 40 per cent of workforce was in training in August 2019, double the state target
  • Females in Non-Traditional Roles, 7 per cent of workforce, more than double the state target
  • Aboriginal employment – 12 per cent of workforce, about triple the state target
  • Under 25s - 8.5 per cent of workforce
  • Long Term Unemployed – 9 per cent of workforce, about triple the state target.

Please view or download the detailed design community update for more information on the upgraded design.

A summary of the community's feedback that helped shape the final design can be viewed in the Submissions Report.

Project documents

Project updates

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October 2019 project update

Three month look ahead October to December 2019.

September 2019 project update

Three month look ahead July to September 2019.

June 2019 project update

Batemans Bay Foreshore Designs.


Project notifications

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November 2019 project Out of Hours Work notification

Out of hours work required to complete concrete pouring from Monday 2 December

September 2019 project notification

Temporary pedestrian changes at Old Punt Road.



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Urban Design and Landscape Plan

Batemans Bay Bridge over Clyde River.

June 2019 Summary of feedback from the Foreshore Advisory Committee

Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project.


Frequently Asked Questions

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December 2018 frequently asked questions

Final bridge design

Frequently asked questions

Urban Design and Landscape Plan

Frequently asked questions

Piling Fact Sheet.



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