Right turn changes on Botany Road, Beaconsfield

Transport for NSW will be installing permanent full-time 'No Right Turn' restrictions from Botany Road into Johnson Street and from Botany Road into Reserve Street, to reduce traffic congestion, improving safety and traffic flow.

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We have listened to the local community and NSW Police who have raised concerns about the safety risks linked to southbound traffic turning from Botany Road into Johnson Street and Reserve Street, Beaconsfield.

Vehicles queuing to turn right reduces traffic flow causing incidents including rear-end and side-swiping as vehicles weave in and out of the traffic lanes.

Transport for NSW consulted with the community in July 2020 on the proposal to install permanent full-time 'No Right Turn' restrictions at these roads to improve traffic flow, road and pedestrian safety.

In September, after reviewing the feedback from the community, we have released the consultation report (PDF, 600Kb) and notified the community and stakeholders of our decision to progress with the proposal.

The removal of right turns along Botany Road into Johnson Street, Reserve Road will come into effect following signage installation overnight on Tuesday 27 October 2020, weather permitting. Motorists that normally turn right at these roads will be able to access local roads by turning at the traffic lights at Collins Street or by taking O’Riordan Street. View or download the right turn changes and alternative routes map (PDF, 464Kb).

We'd like thank everyone for taking the time to provide their feedback during the July 2020 consultation. We summarised the comments received and our responses in the consultation report. The community and stakeholders will be advised in advance of the changes being implemented.

We listened to what you had to say and this is what we learnt
We listened to what you had to say and this is what we learnt

Project documents

Consultation reports

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September 2020 community consultation report

Proposed right turn changes Botany Road, Beaconsfield


Community notifications

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October 2020 Community notification

New right turn restrictions on Botany Road, Beaconsfield


Project map

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Project map

Botany Road right turn changes and alternate routes, Beaconsfield.



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