Stage 1 - Carlton Road to Matcham Road - completed

Roads and Maritime has completed the upgrade of the Central Coast Highway between Carlton Road and Matcham Road, Erina Heights to provide two lanes in each direction.

Updates and announcements

The project was opened to traffic in November 2012.

Project background

The project included widening the highway to provide two lanes in each direction, three major intersection improvements and upgrading facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. The project was fully funded by the NSW Government.


Project objectives

  • Improved safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Increased capacity to improve traffic flow and reduce travel times and congestion
  • Improved access for public transport
  • Formalised parking arrangements.

Key features

  • Widening the Central Coast Highway to two lanes in each direction separated by a median
  • Designating the road shoulder for buses or for parking near businesses where possible
  • Installing traffic lights at the intersections at Arundel Road, Serpentine Road and Matcham Road to improve safety and traffic efficiency
  • Restricting access at Erina Valley Road, Old Tuggerah Beach Road and properties fronting the highway to left in and left out turns only, to improve safety
  • Locating a shared pedestrian and off-road cycle path along the southbound verge
  • Providing dedicated bus bays for safer access for patrons
  • Retaining the roundabout at Carlton Road to allow for u-turns.

Community engagement

In January 2008 a concept design for the upgrade was placed on display inviting community comment. Community feedback resulted in a modified and more detailed design and in October 2009, the revised concept, together with the review of environmental factors was placed on display. The project was approved in June 2009 allowing the project to proceed.

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