Narara to Lisarow - Pacific Highway and Manns Road upgrade between Narara Creek Road and Parsons Road

The NSW Government has allocated $2.3 million in 2017/18 to continue planning for the proposed Pacific Highway and Manns Road upgrade between Narara Creek Road, Narara and Parsons Road, Lisarow to improve traffic flow and road user safety.

Proposed future upgrade route shown in blue
Proposed future upgrade route shown in blue

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime Services has been investigating a future potential upgrade of Manns Road and the Pacific Highway between Narara Creek Road, Narara and Parsons Road, Lisarow.

Additional investigations have been made based on the design displayed in September 2016.

In recognition of the complexity and size of this project, Roads and Maritime has decided to split the current proposal into at least two sections:

  • Southern section (from Narara Creek Road to about 250 metres north of Berrys Head Road)
  • Northern section (from about 250 metres north of Berrys Head Road to Parsons Road at Lisarow)

Splitting the proposal will help minimise impact and displacement to the local community from upgrading the entire 4.7 kilometre length of the road at one time. Investigations will be carried out in the future to establish if the work can be split into smaller, more manageable sections to further lessen the impact to the community.

It is anticipated that further work would be undertaken on the southern section first, however it is considered highly unlikely any construction work will occur in this section for at least five years. Construction work on the northern section is considered unlikely to occur for at least ten years. The precise boundaries of these sections will be further refined when a timeframe has been decided for proceeding with any upgrade work.

View or download the questions and answers document (PDF, 228Kb), including information regarding future property acquisitions.

View or download the map (PDF,104Kb) showing the proposed project split.

Project split: This illustration is provided with the sole purpose of outlining the current project split. The illustration does not in any way represent a detailed design for either section.

Project background

Roads and Maritime carried out extensive investigations and community consultation to adopt the preferred route for the upgrade of the Pacific Highway between Narara and Lisarow along the existing highway. An updated preferred design for the section of road between Parsons Road at Lisarow and Narara Creek Road at Narara has been developed. This preferred design considers community comments received during the previous public displays.

Project benefits

Key benefits of the preferred option once completed include:

  • Improved traffic flow and more consistent travel times on the Pacific Highway and Manns Road
  • Improved access to connecting roads
  • Improved safety for all road users
  • Improved pedestrian and cycle network.

Key features

  • Two lanes in each direction on the Pacific Highway and Manns Road with a central median
  • New bridges along Manns Road over Narara Creek and the railway line
  • Traffic lights to replace roundabouts:
    • Manns Road and Pacific Highway intersection
    • Manns Road and Narara Valley Drive intersection
  • New traffic lights on the Pacific Highway at:
    • Berrys Head Road
    • Parsons Road
    • Newling Street
    • Lenna Street and Pierce Street
    • Nurra Road and Argyle Avenue
    • Brooks Avenue
  • New traffic lights on Manns Road at:
    • Adam Street and Reeves Street
    • Showground Road
  • Improved pedestrian and cycle paths along the Pacific Highway and Manns Road
  • New all directional intersection at Apanie Avenue to provide left and right turns in and out
  • New bridge south of Newling Street
  • New northbound and southbound u-turn intersection at Pacific Highway and Parsons Road
  • New roundabout at Parsons Road and Newling Street
  • Carrington Street to be closed and become a no through road
  • Bus stops and indented bus bays provided along the length of the project to help the flow of traffic and improve safety
  • Improving drainage along the Pacific Highway and Manns Road.

Next steps

Roads and Maritime will continue to consult with the community and stakeholders as the project progresses.

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